June 2017, I started RADIO FOR A CAUSE, LLC, a business venture that wanted to build character and confidence for individuals with disabilities.  I jumped right into looking for sponsors and advertisers. I found some that just wanted to help because they believed in the cause. Thanks to businesses like Sweetwater, the AWS foundation, and Partners in Autism, we launched our first streaming network, The Spectrum 23.9, on Sept 7, 2018. The Spectrum 23.9 has been currently giving individuals with disabilities an opportunity to be on air. Spectrum 23.9 plays a collection of songs from the 70s and 80s and a new mixture of country music was added as well. I started in my parents’ basement. Since then, I have employed members like Andrew Trologo, (DJ Andrews Variety Show), Jacob Bradtmueller our sports director (Jake’s Picks), and Kayden Gordon (The Kayden Gordon Show).  Kayden has became a huge part of the team by helping me manage the station. In June 2020, Kayden & I started a student learning program for those younger than 18. And that’s how we met Lisa and Robert Kramer, who have taken our program as a beneficial to help Robert with his communication skills.  Everyone has truly believed in the cause. We are privileged to continue our partnership with the AWS Foundation, Partners in Autism, and My Autism Ally. Each year you can continue to visit us at the Allen County Disability Expo and the Autism Acceptance Walk.

What does the next five years look like???  My hard work is equally honest and simple, and I am proud of that. People rely on their community radio stations to entertain them and keep them up to date on what’s going on locally. That’s why by 2027 we hope to have enough money saved to start our own commercial radio station. The minimum we’re looking for is $45,000. If you would like to support my future vision of Radio for a Cause, just know whatever amount you choose will help us reach that goal.  I hope that you will join me on this journey, and even if you can’t donate, I hope the radio station personalities touch your heart like they touch mine.

What will the $45,000 be used for???

Fees & bidding costs to purchase a frequency to broadcast.

New equipment that is FCC regulated for commercial radio stations.